• Added iPhone App.
  • Added Product Clipper for Google Chrome.
  • Added Whiteboard to review items, time entries and contacts added via the Mobile App & Product Clipper.
  • Added Item and Component Name Fields in addition to just the description field.
  • Added Email Address and Phone Number Fields for Project Site and Ship To Contacts.
  • Added Company Unit of Measure Glossary.
  • Added Account Management Portal as a place to manage adding and disabling users and resetting users’ passwords.
  • Added API as a foundation to begin opening up Design Manager for integrations with other software applications.


  • Fixed: Permission error when creating new Delivery Tickets.
  • Fixed: Employee title getting cut off for the PO Designer/Ext on Employee Window.
  • Fixed: Live Update button removed from File dropdown menu because it is no longer needed.
  • Fixed: Spell check error when using spell check in notes of Showroom Quote.
  • Fixed: Pick List Report error message for status parameter not set to all.
  • Fixed: Password attributes now coming in from API via Account Management Portal.
  • Fixed: Error message when choosing get inventory in the Physical Count section of Data Collection Add-on.
  • Fixed: Component picture not coming over when transferring item from project to project.
  • Fixed: Error message when exporting the inventory stock item grid.

*Please Note: You will need to update your desktop icons when you are upgraded.  Please follow these quick instructions:

Mac Users

Windows Users