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Frequently asked questions

1. Can I access DM Cloud from a Mac or PC?

Yes, you can access DM Cloud from any computer or device that has an internet connection.  To have the best experience with DM Cloud, here are the specific hardware requirements.

2. If I am an existing client using the desktop software, can my data be converted to the cloud and what is the conversion process?

Yes, all of your data can be converted to the cloud, you will not lose any existing data. We schedule a day where you do not need to be in Design Manager and we work with you over the phone and internet to transfer a copy of your data to us. The data transfer should only take about 30 minutes. After the transfer, we need the rest of the day to convert your data and then set it up in the cloud. Once we have everything complete, we send you an email with the login information. From then on you login using the new login information and do not use the old Design Manager software.

3. How secure is DM Cloud?

We take security very seriously at Design Manager so please take the time to visit our privacy page which includes a section on Security:

4. What are your policies for data backups?

All files are first secured with a personal 256-bit AES or 448-bit Blowfish encryption key and then transferred to an offsite data center, a significant distance from the original data center, via a secure SSL connection, which negotiates the highest grade encryption available based on the default settings for OpenSSL. Offsite servers are located in carefully chosen Tier 4 data centers protected by gated perimeter access, 24/7/365 onsite staffed security and technicians, electronic card key access, and strategically placed security cameras inside and outside the building.

In addition to running regular backups, data is replicated in real time from one set of premium hardware to another within our data center. This protects the critical information your business keeps within Design Manager.

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5. Will I be able to keep the information that I enter into my Free Trial?

Yes, all of the information that you enter into the trial is saved when you purchase the software.

6. Can I import my clients and vendors into Design Manager?

Yes, there is an import in Design Manager where you can import your client and vendor lists. You can find full instructions here.

7. What is included in the subscription?

Pro Cloud software usage with full features, access from any device with an internet connection, automatic upgrades, secure backups of your data, free tech support, free iPhone/iPad app, and one free license for your accountant.

8. What training and/or technical support is included?

Tech Support is free along with access to our Help Center and our live and recorded training tutorials.  Personalized training sessions are not included, but reasonably priced for your convenience.

9. Are there any additional fees?

No, there are no mandatory fees besides the subscription fee. If you would like to purchase Training, online or in-person sessions are available at reduced rates.

10. Can you upgrade from DM to DM Pro?

You can always upgrade from DM to DM Pro and keep all of your data, but you cannot go backwards from DM Pro to DM.

11. Are there additional modules for DM Pro?

Yes, if you are a design firm that also has a showroom or store please contact a sales representative to go over the add-ons for DM Pro.

12. Do you integrate with QuickBooks?

Design Manager actually does what QuickBooks does and more so DM does not integrate with QuickBooks. Design Manager has a full accrual accounting system that is set up specially to handle the Design Industry. For example, DM understands that projects require deposits or retainers the majority of the time and instead of having a work-around like QuickBooks, DM makes it easy. Design Manager is already set up to handle the long term structure of design projects, provide tax advantages, record all yearly accounting and has all necessary financial statements and sales tax reports.

13. What data can we transfer from our current accounting software to Design Manager?

Since generic accounting software is very general and not integrated with any project management information compared to Design Manager, there is no import for transactions or items. However, you can import client and vendor lists and we do have a video showing you how to enter your opening balances.

14. What is a user and how many do I need?

A user is a username and a password with specific security settings that allows access to the software at the same time as other individuals.  In other words, you can use the software from as many computers and devices as you want, but if you want individuals to be able to work in the software simultaneously, than you need to purchase additional users.  DM can have up to 5 users, DM Pro can have up to 64 users, and DM Pro with SQL can have an unlimited number of users.

15. How often do new versions of the software come out?

We are continuously updating our cloud software for fixes and new features.

16. If I enter an item in one project, can I duplicate it for another project?

Yes, you can copy and paste items from one project to another project.

17. Are you able to upload a logo to print on documents?

Yes, you are able to upload a logo that prints on documents. There are multiple style choices for documents so you can choose where the logo prints. Click here for an article that explains the styles and gives examples.

18. Can I export documents and reports?

Yes, if you pull up the document or report and then click the envelope button in the upper left hand corner you can export to different formats- pdf, word, excel etc.

19. Can I run payroll through Design Manager?

You can do recurring payables for salaries easily, but if you want a true payroll system we recommend using Paychex. We have an import from Paychex to make the journal entries for you. QuickBooks does the same thing- they have a payroll company that Intuit their parent company owns. Please call Paychex Payroll Processing to receive your first month free today: 877-516-1053.

20. Can I run multiple companies within one Design Manager copy?

No, each copy of Design Manager is its own set of books. So if you have separate tax IDs for your companies you will need to run separate copies of Design Manager. Beyond your initial Design Manager subscription, additional copies of Design Manager can be added for a reduced fee of $40/mo each.

21. Can I import bank or credit card transactions into Design Manager?

You can import a bank or credit card statement file and use it to help you reconcile, but DM does not download bank or credit card transactions automatically.

22. Can I accept online payments through Design Manager? What are the fees associated with this service?

Yes, we partner with Stripe and you can find our competitive and transparent rates here:

With our Stripe Integration you can:

  • Send payment links with Proposals and Invoices
  • Accept digital retainers
  • Accept credit card payments from clients
  • Accept ACH or bank transfer payments from clients
  • Pass through processing fees to your clients
  • Enjoy automatic fee recording in DM’s accounting
  • Easy month end reconciliation for Stripe Payouts
  • Take advantage of no limits on transaction amounts!
23. Can I email client documents and reports directly from Design Manager?

Yes, you can!  Follow these instructions to imput your email settings into DM’s User Settings.

24. Can I print checks to our vendors through DM?

Yes, you can print checks from Design Manager.
Click here for the checks that we recommend.

25. What is the difference between DM Pro’s Inventory and DM’s Storage Room?

DM Pro’s inventory management system is a true inventory software package made for design firms also running showrooms and stores. It has committed and on-hand quantities, allows for multiple warehouses and comes with specific inventory reports. DM’s storage room feature, used with the transfer button, is perfect for companies just needing to manage a small amount of leftover items from projects.