All-in-one software,

designed for the designer.

Get your design firm organized in one application today.


Items and Components

Enter spec info and easily add markups, discounts or fees.


Professional, branded documents to sell your design services.

Time Billing

Bill for your time easily with our streamlined, yet flexible time billing system.

DM Online Payments

Accept payments in Design Manager and get paid 2x faster.


Item and Component Tracking

Have a million moving pieces? Keep track in Design Manager, where everything has a status so your team stays on the same page.

Purchase Orders and Work Orders

Order and communicate with your vendors in our standardized purchasing system.

Order Tracking

Put an end to chaos and spreadsheets as Design Manager captures all order information in one, centralized location.

Purchasing/Order Tracking Reports

One of the most important aspects of managing a design project is job costing and with our purchasing and order tracking reports that has never been easier.


Money In

Collect deposits, retainers, and payments from your clients easily and without workarounds.

Money Out

Project related and non-project related expenses tracked seamlessly.


Print checks and record transactions for unlimited accounts.

General Ledger

Accrual Based Accounting system with advanced accounting features to give you the best financial picture of your company.


Industry Specific Reports

We have been at this for over 30 years. We have the most experience working with interior designers which means our reports are the best in the interior design industry.

Project Management Reports

Reports designed to keep your clients happy and your projects profitable.

Financial Reports

Financial statements to hand to your accountant and monitor your business performance.

User Management

Admin users can manage the other users in the software so they only have access to the areas they need.


Inventory Management

Simple, average-cost inventory management for design firms who also carry inventory.

Data Collection

Add this to Pro Cloud to manage your inventory using a scanner.

Point of Sale

Sell your inventory to walk-in customers with our simple POS system.


Add this to Pro Cloud to handle custom walk-in sales.

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