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Create inspiring training videos that will leave your viewers coming back for more. All you need is an idea, a spare few minutes, and Biteable’s online video maker.

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How to create training videos that engage

  1. Start with Biteable’s video template library.
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Learn how to make a training video people will actually want to watch

Getting started

The reason trainers use Biteable’s training video software

Whether your goal is to create an engaging employee onboarding video, craft a solutions-based training presentation, or to breathe some life into health and safety, video is a powerful training tool.

An excellent training video not only needs to deliver quality content, but it needs to look good doing it. With Biteable, creating great training videos is fast and easy. Choose from 1000+ templates designed by top-tier animators and marketers, and customize them to fit your goals.

More memorable than a bear in bike shorts

If you want people to remember your message, turn it into a captivating video. Studies have found that people retain up to 95% of the information in a video compared to only around 10% when reading text.

It’s no wonder 75% of your team would rather watch a video than read text. And with Biteable, you can rescue your audience from text and boring information fatigue by creating attractive, simple, and informative videos.

Take your training videos to the next level

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The basics

A training video that delights your viewers

How can you effectively communicate a message and keep people entertained? Regardless of the setting, training videos are a proven way to teach effectively while retaining a high level of interest. And since your viewers are (probably) only going to watch it once, you need to make it count.

Start with the perfect template

Top athletes use and alter existing training programs and exercises. Successful sales reps start with a script before adapting it to fit the needs of their customers. The same goes for training videos.

Biteable video templates are the perfect starting point. They’re structured so you can create quickly and effortlessly, and easily customize to your needs. If you want to be a trailblazer, you can even start from scratch. Biteable has a library of over 1.8 million stock clips and images to help get you off the ground and give your training videos that extra oomph.

Add a generous sprinkle of on-brand seasoning

Start off strong with a template, but really win your viewers over with a video you clearly made for them.

Biteable’s online training video software makes it easy (we mean seriously easy) to bring your brand to the screen. Customize colors, fonts, and music to match your brand, and upload custom images and logos that show off who you are.

Catch and keep their interest by creating a training video your team will see themselves reflected in. Try our Diverse Workplace animations to represent the diversity of your team.

Don’t beat around the bush

Your audience is juggling a pretty full plate. From their jam-packed inbox to the growing to-do list, everything is fighting for attention. Be clear about the purpose of your video from the start and center it around content that will help them be the best they can be.

Distill the message down to a key takeaway or two to keep everyone on the same efficient and effective page. Drawing on real-life examples that directly tie in with the viewer’s experience is a surefire way to drive the message home.

A great service that did what I needed better & faster than I could have done on my own. I made a video to help new starters in my team understand what the team is all about.

Peter, video maker

The ease with which anyone can create eye-catching videos is mind-boggling. One of the smoothest and most intuitive programs I have ever used.

Victor, happy Biteable camper

Pro tips

Knock their socks off

Biteable training videos are purposefully bite-sized. Viewers want to watch content that provides digestible info quickly. That’s why videos under two minutes get the most engagement online.

You can’t always fit in the time to watch a 10-minute video, but who doesn’t have a spare 60 seconds? Especially if that something is moreish, like a bowl of salted peanuts.

Here are some pro tips to take your next video from average to super.

Create content with your hero in mind

Your training videos should always have a hero: your intended audience.

Focus on how the information affects the user. How does it help them? What is your video teaching them? Address these questions and you’ll keep your audience glued to the screen.

To ensure your info isn’t just going in one ear and out the other, use stats, facts, and social proof that prove you’re the real deal. Add employee testimonials or include the logos of trusted companies you’ve worked with to remind your audience that you’re not just a pretty face.

Use emotion and a dash of storytelling

Without facts and figures, a training video can be vague and lack a clear purpose. Without emotion, the facts aren’t memorable.

People remember stories — especially ones they can relate to or are inspired by. Pull your facts, stats, and actionable information into a story and make it a part of an overall narrative.

Choose from a big range of ready-made animated scenes featuring characters of all shapes and sizes, just waiting to take on the starring role in your next training video.

Pool your assets for a short but mighty training video

It’s no secret that our collective knowledge is increasing at a pace we can’t keep up with. Industries change, and what your employees or trainees need to know changes with it.

Consider adding additional materials like a short interactive test at the end of your video or a summary of key information to amp up your training session’s value. If you’re working with a more complex topic, think about including a downloadable resource list for those who want to keep learning.

These extra assets help you keep your training videos short without compromising on the quality of information. Shorter videos fit in around your people’s work without being invasive, and the smaller bites of information are easier to retain.

Next time a topic changes, simply add another short video to your training library, rather than recreating one giant video every time. Talk about a win-win.

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