Use Biteable to make a stunning slideshow in minutes

How to make a slideshow in minutes

  1. Open Biteable on your computer, tablet, or mobile.
  2. Choose a slideshow video template. New options are added regularly.
  3. Log in or make a new Biteable account — sign up here.
  4. Customize your template with text and your own photos, videos, and music. Or start from scratch.
  5. Share your slideshow to social media, embed it on your site, or download it for later.

❤️ Biteable. Super easy to use, looks very professional, and the team is always adding to and improving it. Support is quick and efficient, too.

Sarah, a happy customer

Easy. Inexpensive. Excellent results. But most of all, Biteable upgrades and adds new items WITHOUT asking for more money!

Barry, maker of lovely videos

Getting started

Turn your photos and videos into something (very) special

Your photos and videos could be more useful than you think (especially if you’ve got a business). People are visual by nature and nothing convinces like a video slideshow.

Did you know that mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year? There’s a good reason for that: everyone loves video. Seventy-four percent of marketers say video has a better ROI than static images.

Achieve the success you’re after with a world-class slideshow you made yourself (in minutes). It’s easier than you think.

Send your sales up, up, and away

Whether you’re selling or gathering leads, you’ll get results quicker with a customized slideshow. Thanks to their versatility, slideshows can be reused in a host of ways, from sharing on social media and your website to direct marketing in emails and presentations.

Biteable’s video slideshow software makes turning your photos and videos into stunning slideshows a snap. The interface is fast and easy, and the Biteable library contains all the pizzazz you’ll need for professional results. Start with a Biteable template and you’ll be done in a few clicks.

Sell out your event or course

Promoting events and courses is a good deal easier with a great slideshow. Along with giving you a professional edge, a finely-tuned slideshow allows you to make a convincing argument.

Use the Biteable slideshow creator to seamlessly combine photos, videos, testimonials, and insights into a single video. Share it online and in person to fill your seats fast.

Get people excited

The best way to get people excited about pretty much anything is with a slideshow. Want friends and family to enjoy your holiday pictures? Use a slideshow. Want management to love your presentation? Use a slideshow. Want more followers? You guessed it — use a slideshow.

Make your slideshow as engaging as possible with the best slideshow maker software around: Biteable. Mix and match your own content with a huge range of animation and effects to make videos so breathtaking your audience will watch them from start to finish.

Create an account and make a stunning slideshow with music in no time

The basics

Create your first slideshow (without breaking a sweat)

With a video slideshow, you’ve got a far higher chance of standing out from the crowd. On social media, videos get shared 1200% more than text and images combined. Likewise, video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80% or more.

Imagine what you’ll achieve with a video slideshow that’s gorgeous. All you need is a Biteable template and the time it takes to drink a coffee.

Begin with a professional template

Biteable offers a huge range of ready-to-use templates to get you started quickly. They’re created by professional animators and marketers, so every video you make is both beautiful and effective.

Begin by picking a template from the gallery. There are hundreds to browse, conveniently divided by type. Depending on your audience and brand, choose between humorous, tech, professional, and a host of other styles.

Personalize with pictures, videos, and text

Uploading your own videos and photos is easy. Hit ‘Upload’, then select either ‘Image’ or ‘Video’. Navigate to the content you’d like to use on your hard drive, click on it, and it will appear in Biteable. Or, you could drag it from your hard drive into the box provided (you may need to hover for a second before dropping so it registers).

Next, update the text in your video. Either customize the example presented in the template or make up something new. If you’d prefer a story without words, you can delete the text altogether. You’re the captain of this ship.

Integrate your brand colors

Don’t stop there, take your slideshow to the next level with your brand colors. Click on ‘Color’ at the top of the page to bring up the color picker, and select your brand colors.

Add extra zest with music

Complete your video slideshow with the perfect music track. Either pick a song from the Biteable library or upload one from your own collection.

The right song is essential for slideshows you’ll be emailing, hosting on YouTube, or embedding on your website. If you’ll be presenting your slideshow in person or on social media, audio is less critical, so you might choose to have no sound at all.

I love this tool! It allows me to create professional animation very quickly. My clients loved the video segments that I created with Biteable.

Benson, video maker whiz

Pro tips

The 3 secrets to overachieving slideshows

Great video slideshows have three simple things in common. Forget them and your viewers will be left wanting. Remember them and your views will skyrocket.

1. Tell a story

All videos need a story to succeed. Whether it’s a 7-second YouTube ad or a 2-minute explainer on your website, you have to tell a story. Here are two story structures that are easy to master:

  • If you want to show people something that happened — like your holiday — a linear story is enough. All you have to do is recount events in the order they occurred.

  • If you want to sell something, start by framing the viewer’s problem, then explaining how you can solve it. This tried-and-tested construction works for everything from courses and events to products and services.

To make sure you get it right, start with a Biteable template. Every template is crafted to give your story maximum effect.

2. Keep your text short

When it comes to video, a few words will get you further than a lot. Let your videos and pictures do the talking. Keep your text brief and your viewers will love you for it.

Thankfully, every scene in your Biteable video comes with a recommended number of characters to keep your writing sharp. Stay within the limits and your video will be concise and easy to read.

3. Make it visually spectacular

Every great video is a pleasure to watch. Biteable offers a host of options to make your slideshow as engaging as possible. Select from a huge range of animation, professional video clips, and loads of text effects.

All the content available on Biteable is designed by our professional team of animators and marketers. If you hired a freelancer or an agency to create the same slideshow, it’d cost thousands. With Biteable, you get the same quality at a fraction of the price.

Try it now — sign up here!

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