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Grab attention and score new customers for your business with a photo video slideshow. Biteable’s online photo to video tool makes the artistic process quick, easy, and oh-so-satisfying.

How to make photo videos

  1. Log in to your Biteable account or sign up for free.
  2. Choose the perfect photo video template to get started.
  3. Customize your video until it sings. The Biteable library is full of royalty-free images and slappin’ tunes, but you can always upload your own as well.
  4. Share your photo video slideshow with the world. It’s going to look great in your social media feeds, in email broadcasts, and even on company website pages.
  5. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Getting started

Do yourself a favor and make video from photos

The power of video is undeniable. In fact, users watch 1 billion hours of video each day on YouTube alone. That’s a lot of screen time! But here’s the thing: making a revenue-boosting video for your business is difficult — or at least it used to be. Biteable’s photo to video online tool is both easy to use and uber-powerful. Simply upload a few of your favorite images to our platform, string them together in a compelling way, and voila! You now have a killer piece of content you can use to market your business online. Pretty cool, right?

Keep your money in your pocket

We’ve all heard the saying, “you get what you pay for.” 99 times out of a hundred, that popular maxim rings true. But Biteable has flipped the script by providing affordable, high-quality video making software that anyone can use. In other words, you no longer have to hire expensive film crews, pay an arm and a leg to an advertising agency, or go to film school to create amazing video content for your business.

Win back your day

Biteable is a productivity machine, and you will be as well. It’s incredibly easy to use and will allow you to make professional-looking videos in no time flat. Win back your day with Biteable and spend your extra hours binging Netflix, trying to perfect that sourdough recipe, or whatever else takes your fancy.

A better video creation tool

If you’re looking to create a photo video slideshow for your business, Biteable is the tool for you. But here’s the thing: Biteable can be used to make just about any kind of video. Need to bust out a YouTube channel trailer or Facebook ad video? Do you need an animated clip to add to your latest earnings report? Maybe you need to craft an important promo video for the launch of a new product. Whatever you’re looking to do with video, Biteable can help you do it quicker and more affordably.

The app is awesome! It gives us advice and gives you so many choices! This app is awesome and I love it!

Cheryl, enthusiastic video maker

I've been using Biteable for several years now. I find that I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro less and less and relying on Biteable for all my videos!

Maria, video maker extraordinaire

The basics

Get more eyes on your business

Video rules the internet. Get in on the action by crafting photo video slideshows that your audience can’t help but watch. Biteable gives you everything you need to get started immediately: professionally made templates, an extensive media library, and the ability to customize your content till your heart’s content.

Templates for days

Let’s face it, it’s really hard to be creative all the time. Some days you’re giving Picasso a run for his money. Other days you feel like a four-year-old with a box of crayons. When your inner artist refuses to come out and play, Biteable’s extensive template library ensures your videos still get made quickly and professionally. Our photo video maker tool has templates for every industry and occasion. You just have to pick the one that works for your video.

Tap into the Biteable media library

What if you don’t have high-quality images to use in your photo video slideshow? Simple: you just take a gander at the Biteable media library which contains 800,000 (and counting!) pictures, video clips, animations, and backing tracks. It’s a virtual treasure trove of content waiting for the chance to shine in your next creation. Looking for waterfall footage? Need business-related images? Everybody loves animated sloths, right? Biteable has it all and you can get uninhibited access to it when you sign up for your free Biteable account.

Personalize your photo to video creations

Your photo to video masterpiece isn’t complete until you’ve personalized the beans out of it. Don’t worry, the photo video maker from Biteable makes the personalization process easy breezy. Upload your favorite images, iPhone video clips, self-recorded jingles, and company logos to Biteable. Then dump them into your favorite template, tweak the color pallet to make sure everything matches, and give the air a good fist pump. Why? Because you now know how to make video from photos in as little as 10 minutes!

Make a stunning photo video in minutes

Pro tips

The golden rules of photo to video success

Anyone with an iPhone and a few minutes to spare can make a video — but making a successful video takes a few extra steps. Here are a few expert tips to make sure you achieve photo to video success.

Forget what your momma told ya — looks are everything

We know, we know, it’s the inside that counts. But the truth is, if your photo video slideshow isn’t drop-dead sexy, it probably won’t benefit your business much. Why? Because your audience doesn’t want to watch a hum-drum video that looks like it was made by amateurs. Luckily, it’s easy to craft stunning presentations with Biteable. Start with a professionally designed template and include radio quality music tracks from the Biteable media library. Then upload your own high-quality images to the video and tweak the settings to reflect your brand. It’s that easy.

Know when to leave the party

The average internet user has a really short attention span. That’s why the most successful videos are less than 60 seconds long. If you’re working on a 10-minute epic, you might want to rethink your strategy. Instead, do your audience (and your business) a favor and craft a short video that’s easy to understand and fun to watch. Too many details to fit into a single clip? Consider breaking your footage up into multiple videos for easy viewing.

Market like you mean it

The Biteable photo video maker will help you create stunning slideshows that impress. But if no one sees your videos, does it matter? That’s why video marketing is so important! Post that bad boy on Facebook and YouTube, email it to your list, send it to your mom — do whatever you have to do to get maximum exposure for your handiwork. With Biteable, you simply click a button to export your photo video slideshow in the desired format. You’ll then be able to distribute it anywhere and everywhere you wish.

Further reading

Love to learn?

Then you’re going to love the Biteable blog. We do our best to publish expert advice on all things video marketing. Want more photo to video advice? Ready for a heaping helping of marketing video goodness? Can’t resist reading a YouTube breakdown post? You’ll find all of that and more on our blog. Just think of it as an all you can eat buffet of knowledge.