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Use Biteable to create LinkedIn videos that attract clients and contemporaries. Making LinkedIn videos takes minutes with the Biteable online video maker.

How to make amazing videos for LinkedIn using just your internet browser

  1. Click your way to Biteable.
  2. Create an account or log in if you already have one. It’s free to get started.
  3. Pick a template or build a video from the ground up.
  4. Add text, music, footage, and pictures for a professional finish.

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Getting started

Give value to your network with flawless LinkedIn videos

LinkedIn has become a valuable content platform where business owners and professionals share their knowledge, and that means video marketing on LinkedIn is much like content marketing.

You’re probably aware that video is the most engaging type of content. LinkedIn videos will help you become an influencer and get the most ROI from your LinkedIn content.

Educational and inspirational videos get the most engagement, so use LinkedIn videos to share your experiences and lessons you’ve learned. Offering value gets people interested in working with you.

Create LinkedIn videos in your spare time

Whether you’re a busy professional or a busy business owner, you don’t need to spend hours making LinkedIn videos every day.

With Biteable, all you have to do is log in and start creating. It’s so fast and easy that you can make all your videos between meetings. This way, you can post LinkedIn video content every day and still crush everything on your to-do list.

Use templates to get rid of guesswork

Not a videographer? No problem. Biteable offers dozens of templates that let you create perfectly-scripted videos every time by simply plugging in your own video footage and audio.

No camera? That’s also no problem. Use our stock footage and imagery to make high-quality LinkedIn videos without any hardware.

Create LinkedIn videos on nickels and dimes

Most LinkedIn videos aren’t video marketing content that directly generates revenue. Much of your LinkedIn video content will be helpful or educational video posts, so you want to keep costs low.

Biteable is here for you. Use our collection of stock footage, templates, and music with a basic membership. If you want to remove the watermark to emphasize your own branding, you can go Premium.

LinkedIn video specs

You can shoot your videos in either landscape or portrait orientation, but make sure your total file size is less than 5GB.

Meeting these technical specifications will ensure your videos display correctly, but you still need to create engaging content.

My work colleagues are amazed and the content I'm creating makes this 'not so good' designer look the part!

Liz, a very good designer

Making videos with Biteable is easy and fun. Their slides and videos were just what I was looking for. They're cute but still get my message across.

Jennifer, video maker pro

The basics

Follow these LinkedIn native video best practices

Meeting the tech specs is actually the easy part. Getting attention and delivering valuable information is the tricky part. There are, however, a few best practices that can help you nail your video content.

Make a bold entrance

You’ve only got a few seconds to grab people’s attention, so make sure to use attractive video, text, and colors to start with a bang.

Our stock footage, text, and logos add the visual appeal you need to get attention without adding production time or costs.

Keep it short

Even though you can make videos up to ten minutes long, it’s best to keep them shorter. LinkedIn users are busy professionals, so get right to the point and keep your message concise.

Using video templates will help you manage the length of your videos and avoid being long-winded.

Add captions

LinkedIn doesn’t offer native captions yet, but we know that the vast majority of social media videos get watched without sound. It’s a smart move to use your video maker to add captions so scrollers can see what you’re saying when your videos slide into their LinkedIn feed.

Even though LinkedIn doesn’t help you add captions, we do. With Biteable, you can add text to every scene.

Make it personal

Video enables you to let your personality shine and for you to form personal connections with your viewers. If you think of something that your network will appreciate or enjoy, don’t be afraid to pull out your phone and shoot a quick video. Video is about connection, not perfection.

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Pro tips

Start with smart ideas

Need some help coming up with ideas for your videos? Here are a few suggestions to jump-start your creative engine.

Introduce yourself and your team

Even though your LinkedIn profile has all your vital information, an introduction video gives you an opportunity to show who you are in a more engaging and personal way. And it helps bring new people to your profile and create new opportunities.

Explainer video

An explainer video enables you to show people what you do and what you’re about, or introduce your product and its benefits. Tell people about your business or show your product in action.

Quick tips videos

Sharing free information is a proven way to grow a business. If you know the common struggles of your network, you can create engaging videos to help them overcome these problems.

This positions you as a thought-leader and makes people more likely to come to you when they have problems they’ll pay to solve.

Q&A series

If you frequently get the same questions from clients and customers, you can create videos that answer those questions.

This helps automate some of your customer service and creates trust. And that helps you get warmer leads from your LinkedIn network and streamline your customer onboarding.

Post videos regularly on LinkedIn

Once you’ve set up your content strategy and created your videos, all that’s left is to upload videos to LinkedIn.

As with any social media content, it’s best if you post regularly. This means you’ll need to create a lot of videos. That’s why you need a video maker that enables you to create stunning videos, fast.

The easiest way to create videos that get results on LinkedIn is to use Biteable. It’s simple. It’s fast. And yes, it’s free.

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