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Your event will be the talk of the town, and your invite should reflect that. Turn ordinary invitations into irresistible video sensations with the Biteable invitation maker.

How to use Biteable's online invitation maker in minutes

  1. How to use Biteable’s online invitation maker in minutes
  2. Begin with an invitation template or make your video from scratch.
  3. Customize your video invite with text, photos, videos, and animations.
  4. Export your video and attach it to your event invite messages and emails.
  5. Export your video and attach it to your event invite messages and emails.

Getting started

Get RSVPs in no time with Biteable’s invitation maker app

Your event won’t be boring. Your invitation shouldn’t be either.

Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding, work function, or just about any event under the sun, you want your invitation to make a great first impression. After all, a killer invite is a sign of a must-attend event.

Put your best foot forward with a jaw-dropping video invite, created in minutes with Biteable’s invitation maker app.

Biteable’s easy-to-use invitation maker helps you create personalized, stunning video invites for any occasion. Simply pick a template (like on of these wedding invitation templates and customize it with text, video, and animated graphics. Feeling creative? You can always skip the template and start your video from scratch.

Within minutes, you’ll have a video invite so stunning, guests will reply with their RSVPs faster than it takes the bride to say “I do”.

A better virtual invitation maker

Traditionally, digital invites come in two basic forms — static digital invites that you can make using an online invitation maker, or a Facebook event invite. Both of these options aren’t particularly customizable, and they’re certainly not going to get folks hyped up for your event.

After all, there’s only so much you can do with a basic digital invite (some fun fonts and colors) or a Facebook event (adding a description and cover photo).

Enter a third option: video invites. Not only is video a more creative and engaging way to spread the word about your events, but video invitations are easier to make than you think.

Make video invites in the time it takes to throw confetti

With Biteable’s online video invitation maker, you have access to fully customizable animations and text, plus 1.8 million images and video clips to choose from.

A soundtrack of your choosing? Check. Professional templates to create your video invites even faster? Yes, please.

And best of all? You can make your video invitation and export it for free (upgrade to a paid membership if you want to get rid of the watermark). Send your video out through your social channels, on a messaging app, or embedded it in an email and get responses in minutes. Say goodbye to boring old invites.

Make a jaw-dropping invitation video

The basics

Create a digital invitation for any occasion

Sometimes you need to make a birthday invitation video for your BFF’s surprise party. Other times, you need to make a wedding invite for your baby sister. And once in a while, you might even invite people to…

  • A party for great aunt Bertha, whose Maltese Terrier just turned 9 years old
  • Your neighbor Terry, who just won a local woodworking competition
  • The launch of your new donut business

No matter the occasion, Biteable has a video invitation template perfect for you. No experience required. (Heck, we even have a dancing cactus in our new treasure chest scenes.

Get inspired with dozens of digital invitation templates

Sometimes a blank canvas can be daunting. Rather than racking your brain trying to figure out how to make the perfect digital invitation, leave the hard work to the pros.

Biteable has hundreds of templates, all expertly made by professional copywriters, video-makers, and event enthusiasts. Each video template is perfectly paced and beautifully laid out, so all you have to worry about is the event details.

Editing an event template can be as simple as tweaking the text and adding your event info. Or put the personal touch on your video invitation by fully customizing animated scenes and fonts in seconds using Biteable’s style feature. Export and send out a jaw-dropping video invitation in minutes.

An all-in-one birthday, wedding, baptism, and party invitation maker

Whatever the occasion, you can make the perfect digital invite with Biteable’s online video maker. Upload your own videos to give your invites that personal touch, or bring own your pictures to life with subtle screen effects. Whatever your event, Biteable will always be there to make the perfect digital invitation.

The pro team of invitation makers at Biteable (they’re the life of the party) have spent hours researching the best video invitations around to give you the perfect templates for any occasion.

Spend as long — or as little — as you want editing these invite templates. They’ll look stunning either way. Or, if you’re feeling creative and want to start from scratch, it’ll still only take a few minutes to create a video invitation as grand as the event itself.

Very impressed with Biteable. Easy to use, no fuss, and I loved the scope and depth of the video resources available.

Frank, newly-inducted video maker

Biteable is a great way to create an engaging video and share exciting announcements. I was impressed at how easy it was to put together a professional-looking video!

Adam, video-maker extraordinaire

Pro tips

Get the most out of Biteable’s invitation maker app

Making a good video invitation is easy — making an amazing one is even easier after following our pro tips. Read on and learn how to use Biteable’s invitation maker app to create invites worthy of the most important events and functions you’ve ever held.

Use animation to engage your invitees

The biggest leg up that Biteable video invitations have over basic digital invites is the wealth of captivating footage you have access to. One of the best ways to make your video invite feel special is with animations.

From animated text, to animated characters, to animated backgrounds — Biteable’s custom animations will captivate your invitees and excite them for all your events to come. When was the last time that you saw a dancing sloth inviting you to a 90’s themed dance party?

Customizing animations is easy as pie, too. Simply pick an animation, drop it into your video, and swap around the colors. Add text, maybe a little background music, and you’re good to go. There are animations to suit weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and many more.

In other words, Biteable is your digital invitation oyster.

Make your event invites short and sweet

Reading a handwritten event invite takes less than thirty seconds — this is a good benchmark for how long your video invitation should be as well. If the video is too long, you risk folks skipping through to get to the important stuff (and potentially missing out on a few key details along the way). Put the important points up front — date, time, any further details — so your invitee can get to RSVPing straight away.

Keep your online invitation simple and clean

Just as you wouldn’t clutter a static invite with a whole bunch of text, you want your video invitation to present the event information in a crystal-clear way so your invitees understand the most important points fast.

It can be tempting to clutter your online invitation with scene after scene (so many possibilities!) But resist the urge and keep it simple with just 3-4 short scenes.

Open with a captivating line about your event, such as “You’re invited to Kathryn’s big birthday bash” or “Save the date for Olli’s baptism”. Then add a scene detailing the time and date, followed by a quick scene revealing the location. Wrap it up with a scene telling guests how to RSVP.

That’s it. Online video invitation conquered.

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