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How to make an infographic video in the time it takes to fry an egg

  1. Get going with one of our templates (or start from scratch).
  2. Log in to your Biteable account or sign up.
  3. Modify your infographic video template however you see fit, or make one from scratch. Biteable has a huge library of animation and live action scenes to choose from.
  4. Edit the text and colors. Upload your brand logo.
  5. Download your video or publish it on your social media and website. Boom.

The ease with which anyone can create eye-catching videos is mind-boggling. This is one of the smoothest and most intuitive programs I've ever used. It’s perfection in my eyes.

Peter, a dynamite video maker

Hey Biteable, thanks for making me look like a genius today!

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Getting started

Video infographics show your brand values

You’ve got a brand and some cold hard facts you want to share with your audience. The good news is you don’t have to be a big brand to make a captivating, professional-looking infographic. Biteable’s online video maker is here to do the hard work for you, making the process inexpensive and enjoyable.

It’s as simple as selecting your favorite template and editing the text. Get started with your morning coffee and be done before you’ve finished drinking it.

Don’t spend your time learning to edit

Created by our professional team of video editors and storytellers, Biteable comes with a number of stunning templates you can edit as you see fit. It’s easy to add and remove elements to make our templates your own.

It’s as simple as choosing the template that best matches the look you’re after or the industry you’re in. Editing is just a matter of dropping in your logo and entering your text. Or if you want to start from scratch, you can do that, too.

Let animated infographics do the work for you

If you’re sharing on social media, Facebook mutes clips in the News Feed by default, so you want to optimize the experience for those who listen without sound. A great way to do this is to make the text stand out. Enlighten your viewers with useful information and keep them coming back for more.

Biteable has an in-house team of professional animators creating new scenes for your animated infographics. With a wealth of styles, colors, and themes to choose from, there’s no doubt you’ll find one to fit your brand or message.

Make stunning infographic videos in minutes

The basics

Make your business boom with video infographic software

Because of the way our brains work, we retain visual information much more readily than information we read. Showing people an infographic video is one of the smartest ways to make viewers remember your brand, and Biteable’s online infographic video maker makes the process a breeze.

Capture the eyes (and minds) of your audience

There’s no denying it – everyone loves eye candy. On top of that, people judge the credibility of a website by its design and content. If you create a flashy infographic video for your visitors, it’ll make you look authoritative and trustworthy. This means people will be more likely to listen to your message instead of leaving after the first three seconds.

The key to all this is considering your target audience. What sort of people do you want viewing and engaging with your content? Would they want a serious or playful tone in an infographic video? Will they respond better to live action footage or animated graphics? Look at your brand and think carefully about what will gel with your style and tone.

Share your minute masterpieces around

The process to share videos on social media is as easy as clicking a button. If you make an entertaining and informative video infographic, there’s no doubt your viewers will share it with their friends (and their friends’ friends). Getting it in front of as many eyes as possible will increase recognition and sales.

We received great feedback from our creations. It was easy to use, and there are choices to make it personal – colors, music, and especially the message you want to send.

Cee, passionate video maker

Pro tips

Make your video infographics shine like a diamond

Making a stunning infographic video with Biteable is seriously easy. To start, successful infographic videos have a few things in common. Consider checking these off your list before hitting the upload button.

A big opener

The tried-and-true rule of any captivating video content is to let your viewer know why they’re there as soon as possible. Online viewers have a notoriously short attention span, so you want to capture their attention as soon as possible. Don’t keep them wondering why they’re watching your video for more than a few seconds.

How do you do it? Open with your biggest and best fact. With the support of some eye-catching visuals, that’s what will draw viewers in like moths to a porch light.

Keep it compact

Digestible and gorgeous video content is the name of the game, like sampling from a platter of tasty hors d’oeuvres. Giving your viewers only the most essential information will hold their attention and keep it shareable.

It can be tempting to bombard your viewers with facts. They’re watching an infographic video, after all. But refrain! As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to keep your infographic video trimmed to between 30 and 90 seconds. Keep only the most interesting facts and display them logically so your viewer can keep track of the information.

Walk a line between video and text

Too much text and people lose interest. Too many visuals and you lose the message. Biteable’s templates are handcrafted to balance both sides, layering eye-catching visuals and text to create a delightful infographic.

Having the right facts and figures is only half the work. Biteable’s online video infographic software does the other half for you. Choose a template, merge a few video clips and punch in your text, and you’ll be ready to upload your spellbinding infographic in a snap (we did say it was easy, didn’t we?)

Further reading

Biteable’s online infographic maker is the first step

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