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Vicente Wolf- A designer for 39 years, using Design Manager for over 20 of them

1. How has technology shaped your business?

Vicente Wolf: I have been in business thirty-nine years, and thirty-five of those thirty-nine years, I’ve had computers in my office. In an industry that is not very computer friendly, it was a gift from heaven, because when I presented a design it’s completely estimated—every item in that job has been estimated, priced and you’re presenting that to the client. When you had to type that out, you would get halfway down the page, and you made a mistake, and you had to start all over again. Having a computer eliminated that problem and made a much more efficient office.

2. How did you choose Design Manager?

Vicente Wolf: I always find the person that’s going to give me the best information. The accountants that I had said, “this is the program you should be using.”

It’s been the same fundamental program for over 20 years, and it’s always served itself very well because it is simple to use. If you have an office and there is a changing of staff, you want something that the next person can just seamlessly continue on using.

“For the past three decades Vicente Wolf has fostered the global development of his brand through a simplicity-driven principle that infuses his many creative endeavours: interior design, photography, art collection and global travel. From the spacious light-filled loft in New York City where his company is headquartered, Wolf and his team at Vicente Wolf Associates build on his passion for design, maintaining an impressive portfolio that spans multinational conglomerates and private homes to hotels and restaurants across the globe.”