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Lindsay Hair – Binders and Design Manager

What tools do you use to stay organized with your projects?

Lindsay Hair: I have lots of binders!  With the help of Design Manager though, I am able to seamlessly create the Proposals and Purchase Orders and track of all the items that are flowing through my projects.  I still print out physical copies and put it in binders, but that has just been my system for so long!

How did you learn about Design Manager?

Lindsay Hair: In 2006, I accepted a position with Charlotte Moss to serve as Director of Interior Design.  Charlotte Moss had been using Design Manager for awhile and so I learned it while I was there.  It was something all the teams there used to stay organized and I thought the flow of the system made sense.

What is your main inspiration for your designs?

Lindsay Hair: Traveling.  I pull from all my travel experiences, whether they be finding really design savvy places, buildings or things.  For example, a blue Italian glass bowl or tile work in the south of France.  I take lots of pictures and go through those pictures for inspiration all the time.





Practicing in New York as well as her native North Carolina, Lindsay’s accessible services convey an artful blend of urban chic and southern gentility. From refined city apartments to relaxed family homes, from mountain cabins to historic residences, her memorable spaces are seamless in design and detail, realizing her clients’ visions while respecting their budgets.