Who is Painless Parker?

Behind the Painless Parker moniker is the musical output of one Noam Berg, an American-Israeli-Canadian no-goodnik whose zeal for music far outstrips any actual talent. Many moons ago, he founded Fishyboom with his good buddy Bob. Fishyboom are still going strong, check them out if you like rock music that’s awesomely silly and silly awesome. Painless Parker is a sandbox for musical ideas both new and old.

Who WAS Painless Parker?

Oh, he was a dentist way back when. Had himself a travelling show, necklaces made out of teeth…a real character. Check him out on Wikipedia.

Are you some kind of Steampunk?

I’m certainly some kind of Steampunk. The very handsome kind.

Is this Steampunk music?

Ah, an interesting question. I play a mixed bag of old time and folk tunes, classic rock, punk and Country covers, and a few originals which sometimes have steamy themes. While most of this is not explicitly Steampunk, it fits in nicely with the general aesthetic and goes down well at Steampunk events (at which I often play, since my friends in the community hook me up with sweet gigs). Think of it this way: Cabernet Sauvignon is not steak, but they sure go nice together.

About the site

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